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Pest Control & Cleaning Service Now In Kerala

PCCS India is a well-known name in the pest control industry with more than 20 years of experience. Termiticide, a termite treatment, was originally introduced by us to the globe. We were also among the first to expose the globe to Innovative Pest Management (IPMTM) methods.

Along with being members of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), we also have experience managing FSSAI, HACCP, and AIB audits. To deal with various types of pest incursions, we have established processes.


We Provide Excellent Services for Everyone

One of the top pest control businesses in the state of Kerala, PCCS India is an ISO Certified Pest Control Company, a strategic partner of India’s top pest management services. We also provide sterilization, fumigation, and disinfection services.

Licensed & Protected

Government-approved and ISO-certified pest control service provider PCCS India. The laws that regulate us in the areas of health, safety, and hygiene enable us to provide our customers and staff with the best possible level of health and safety.

Integrated Pest Management-IPM Techniques

In order to avoid pests over the long term without disrupting your fragile ecosystem or well-being, we create and build customised programmes that combine the various pest management strategies.

Eco Friendly Technologies

PCCS India constantly employs ecologically friendly pest control techniques and uses Central Insecticide Board-approved pesticides for targeted insect on particular locations.


Cockroaches will never stop trying to enter your home for food, water and shelter. Because they are adept


Termites are a group of insects that feed heavily on dead plants capable of absorbing cellulose.


In humid environments, the danger of mosquito-borne infections is significant. Mosquitoes infest more dry areas of India.


Rats cause a lot of harm. Rodents must gnaw on hard items since their teeth are constantly growing throughout their lifetimes.


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pest control cleaning service
pest control cleaning service
Saji george aykara
Saji george aykara
Good & Professional services
very professional and prompt service
Sajeenasavad Savad
Sajeenasavad Savad
Good service and professional service
prasanth babu
prasanth babu
I am happy .
Hari Prasad Kc
Hari Prasad Kc
I have taken the contract from pccs .I happy with the service
Viswanathan P S
Viswanathan P S
Excellent service and quick response to the call.
george jacob abraham
george jacob abraham
Very professional and they did a same day service, which was really great.
Solih Swalih
Solih Swalih
I got a service from pccs company, am happy it's good service

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